If you're anything like me, you've also always loved provocative ideas. You enjoy that moment when you hear the proverbial scratch across the record player... making you stop... and process what you just took in.

You like to challenge what you know, to explore the minds, thoughts and ideas of others.

You’re already a maverick.

You’ve built something amazing from nothing. You know your next steps sit within the cocktail of wisdom you have yet to taste.

And yet… as a strong and successful woman, you’re likely often overwhelmed, frustrated with how hard it is to get others to understand… and you may even wrangle your way through guilt, people-pleasing and tolerance every-single-day.

How is it that a woman of such great accomplishment can also feel so incompetent and unseen.

I’m here to show successful and strong women how to take ownership of that strength they so willingly give to others and so infrequently give back to themselves.

You cannot possibly be all things to all people if you aren’t all-in on you first. That’s not selfishness… that’s the honest, truth.

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Kris Plachy

Written and spoken Moxy Sage ideas w/Kris Plachy. Kris is an accomplished leader & founder who specializes in leading highly successful women through transformation and life elevation.